Audio is not played

Audiorecording may not be turned on and have zero duration or play without sound.
If audiorecording is being played, the line of progress is moving, but there is no sound, check whether the sound is heard via headphones and if there are other sounds in the computor, for example move the volume slider on the lower panel near the clock , the system will play a short sygnal. Check if automatical reducing the volume is turned on while calling from Windows, you can do it due to the following instruction:

If the recording is not moving and is not reacting to the starting attempts, browser may have loaded the old version of the page from the cash and conflicts with the real recording. To avoid the old cash in this page , you should update it with the combination Ctrl+F5, but we recommend to make all the cash cleaning under the instruction:

If recording is turned on but the line is moving slowly and jammed check your internet connection speed on the site the speed of no lees than 3 mb/s is recommended.

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