Vimbox lesson quality control

Vimbox quality control system has a number of instruments to help a teacher make the lesson effective and make sure that the teacher doesn’t forget anything.

Description of quality control features from top to bottom:

A table of lesson recommendations from Skyeng:

This table is not available permanently, you can look at the task by clicking its description (Read more recommendations). There is a check box in the task where you can manually mark task execution; question about the task will also appear at the end of the lesson if you forget to mark it.  

Student Talking Time:

This feature will help you track the amount of time when a student talks during a lesson and the time when you talk. The feature analyses the lesson automatically and shows the result in percent. If the teacher talks more than it’s needed during a lesson - the progress line will be orange or red, if not - it will be green. The feature has a standard in per cent which the teacher should maintain. It depends on the language level of a student.

These are the standards:

  • Beginner - 50%
  • Elementary - 40%
  • Pre-Intermediate - 30%
  • Intermediate - 25%
  • Upper-Intermediate - 20%
  • Advanced - 15%

To do list:

This section has a basic checklist for a successful lesson:  

  1. Ready for the lesson — if there was a preparation for the lesson before its start
  2. Dictionary usage - how many words did you add to the student’s vocabulary during the lesson. The minimum amount of words per lesson - 5.
  3. Notes usage - how many words did you add to notes during the lesson. The minimum amount of words per lesson - 5.  
  4.  Aims achievement - how many set aims did you achieve during the lesson.

These articles are checked automatically by the system and finish immediately after you meet the conditions. The progress line which is to the right of the task will grow along with the task progress.   

Teacher’s aims:

There are aims manually set by the teacher in this section. Their execution should be marked manually during the lesson.   

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