How to work with the new virtual classroom instruction

As previously, to start work, please enter the Class in your Private Cabinet

This will take you to the VimBox main page. There is a list of students, which are in your schedule at the top. If you do not see students there, do not worry, they will appear as you progress through the lessons with them in a new class, in the same way as it was in the old class before. View Mode lets you view the lesson before the class start. In this mode, you can not open a class for the student and the opening of the lesson takes place in a new tab.

To start the lesson with the student, select him in the list at the top of the page(1). You will see the course and level of student(2); section of small notes (3), which you can write for yourself about the student; "jump" button next to the  last lesson name(4); which will take you to the last lesson that you have passed with a student (5); the same lesson you can see on the progress map (6) marked as red, also on the map you can see already completed lessons marked with black, and the gray has not yet been passed by the student.

If the required student does not appear in the list at the top of the page, click on "New Student", select the desired level, course and lesson, and click Start Lesson:

To start the lesson in a Virtual classroom, click “Start lesson” on the lesson card. You will see a browser request to get access to use your camera and microphone on the left top side of the screen. Be sure to allow the access and warn the student about it!

Important: the connection with the student is established automatically, so there is no call button. If you are unable to call in a classroom for technical or other reasons, open the video call option and turn it off.


Copy the link by clicking "Copy", and send it to the student to invite him in classroom

Now you can expand the page to the fullscreen. To do this, click on the icon, which is located on the upper right corner of the page:

There is on the right side of the screen:

  1. “Chat”.
  2. “Lifebuoy”. Important: in the "lifebuoy" of the virtual classroom should send report only about the problems with the platform! In other cases, write in Lifebuoy through Private Cabinet.
  3. Audio / video communication window.
  4. Dictionary Search bar.
  5. Lеsson plan  . With it opens a list of slides. There is a preview for each slide, as before. It also indicates the amount of time spent in class.
  6. Lesson aims . Here you can see the main purpose of the lesson, and its number, name, course and level. Upon reaching the target, you can mark it with a tick.

  1. Notes . You can leave notes for the student there. Attention, all the notes attached to a particular student, so it’s available for editing only when the student are entered the classroom. For the same reason no notes in View mode.
  2. Dictionary . The familiar dictionary. Unfortunately, due to limitations of mobile application, to the dictionary phrases, conjunctions and interjections is still impossible to add.
  3. Quality Control . Here you can monitor the using progress of the vocabulary and notes.

It is possible to see on what of the tabs a student isnow. A student photo will move through the icons according to his location.

There is a panel with buttons: slide valuation, page turning, closing the room at the bottom of the page. It is possible to go to another lesson from this page (icon).  Need to click on the “Switch materials” icon and select the lesson:

Choose how to start the next lesson, when you closing room. Start with this material - this option means that the next lesson you will continue with this material. Choose Start a new material, If you have finished this material and the next time you start the next. On the material card that you select for the next lesson, will be installed the icon Current.

If the access request for your camera and microphone does not appear, it means you  denied access early. You can check it in content settings. Copy and go to the following URL: chrome://settings/content

Scroll down to the sections "Microphone" and "Camera", make sure you select "Ask me when a site tries to access the microphone / camera" and click "Manage exceptions"


Find in the list, If "Block"  selected, remove this line and don’t forget to click "Allow" on the browser request next time.


Also draw your attention to the innovations in the Homework.

There is no more “Passed lessons” when you select the student and creat a new homework to him, cose a new VimBox is not synchronized yet with the Homework, that are still integrated from old class.This is indicated by a message from the development department on the page:


For this reason, there is no possibility to add slides into the homework draft.

Now available a selection of lessons from the general list, choose the lesson that you have done with the student and continue.


Please note that you can send a homework or essay on absolutely any lesson, but if you have not passed this lesson with the student, he may have problems, because he can not see the lesson materials, on which homework is set. Please send a homework only from the passed lessons, exception - the grammar task from the Grammar course, which can be sent as an extra exercises.

We kindly request to report any errors via the "lifebuoy" in the virtual classroom. If some of the functions you are not comfortable, it also should be reported through the "lifebouy" with proposing an alternative or solutions. Thank you in advance!

We wish you success!

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