•How to use SpyHunter4

1. Download the file from this link and unzip in a convenient location. From the unpacked folder run SpyHunter4.exe  file (for convenience, you can send a shortcut to the desktop).

2. After running do not start the scan yet, click “Check for updates” button, confirm the update and wait for its completion.


3. Next step, open the program settings  and put the check marks as in the image below.


4. You can now go back to the Malware Scan page, for the first full scan you need to uncheck "Quick Scan" and then run it.


5. Scanning can continue a couple hours, plan your free time in advance. At the end of checking you need to uncheck SpyHunter section, because it sees itself portable version as a threat .


6. Then, run the cleaning of found threats, and restart your computer upon completion.


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