Student Talking Time — FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does the student see the tool?

No, the student does not see the tool, it is designed for the teacher only.

  • Will I be fined for the high SТТ rate?

No, this tool was designed as visualisation method of the complicated aspect of the lesson and is necessary mostly for the teacher. There are no fines for high or STT low rates.

  • During the warming up I try to motivate my student and I speak a lot. That is why my SST rate is very high. What can I do about that?

Before the student is connected and within the first 5 minutes after his connection this rate is not counted and you can do everything you want to warm the student up.

  • If I use Skype instead of the platform for the lesson, what will SST tool show?

If you disable communication on the platform through the menu, the tool will be disabled and will not estimate the information.

  • Is there any average value shown during the lesson?

In the process of the tool work you can see the average value of the rate.

  • How is the estimating process going?

The tool recognizes the audio during the video call on the platform. The estimation process is done via voice recognition. The tool does not count most of the possible noises and the sound of typing on the keyboard. The rate is estimated depending on who is speaking at the moment.

  • It’s very confusing to see SST rate during the lesson, can I hide it?

It's very easy to hide the tool, you just have to switch to another tab in the menu bar. 

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