Unified teacher’s notes

There is a system of notes for a teacher at Vimbox platform. They help create short notes about possibilities, progress and skills of a student. This feature is intended to simplify work with students and keep the information about each student accurate.

Important points:

  • Only a teacher can see the notes
  • Notes are connected to each particular student
  • All notes are unified: you can make a note in the profile or during the lesson - everything will be saved in the student’s profile

There are two ways of making a note:

  1. Make a note in the student’s profile

To do this you have to click on the profile of the student and write it into a specific section. 2. Make a note during a lesson

During a lesson you can see a special feature called ‘Notes’ at Vimbox platform. To make a note here you have to:

  • Open «Notes» feature
  • Choose «Personal» section
  • Type in your text
  • Now your text will appear in the student’s profile

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