Video calls in Vimbox

All school lessons are held with the help video calls where the student and the teacher can see each other. The Vimbox video platform has a large number of functions available for all lessons:

Status at the lesson:

In the upper right corner of the video window you can see your status at the lesson. 

There can be three statuses:

  • You’re only one here — the second participant has not joined the lesson yet
  • Online — the second participant is at the lesson
  • On other page — the second participant switched to another webpage in the browser

Video call tools:

You can manage the video call during the lesson. The platform offers you the following tools

  1. Turn the microphone and sound on and off during the video call
  2. if you came across some major malfunctions during the video call, you can switch off the camera by choosing “Switch off” mode.
  3. “Picture in picture” mode which allows you to move and resize the video to make it more convenient for you

“Picture in picture” mode:

Click the button that allows you to switch to this mode in the lower right corner of your video window. This function will help you to move, resize and place the video window with your interlocutor as you wish. To quit the mode use the button “Move video back” in the lower right corner of the window.

  1. Click to switch to the Picture in picture mode
  2. Resize the window to the needed width
  3. Click to bring the window to its original mode.


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