How to get rid of the echo in the virtual classroom and it's incorrectly

Echo on a conversation caused a duplication of the audio signal to other means of communication or a sound return from the speaker into the microphone of your interlocutor. So:

Be sure to use the headset during a lesson. You can not even hear it, but your partner in conversation will hear his voice coming from your speakers into your microphone. Also, be sure to include in your microphone settings a noise and echo suppression. To do this, right-click on the volume control and open the "Recorders"

Open the properties of the selected microphone:

Click the  "Improvements" and turn on (put a tick) an echo and noise suppression.

I recommend to disable  listening to this microphone and the possibility to take exclusive control of it too.

To avoid double sound transmission, do not start a lesson in the platform, with the active call on Skype, be sure to stop the call and then go to class. If you need to go to Skype for some reason, pre-stop call in the class in it's settings.

Echo while listening to audio on the platform can be caused by several factors:

  • Check for accidentally opened two tabs of a lesson instead of one, it could be due to double-click on the link in Skype. Just close one tab, and the echo disappears.
  • The adware browser extensions can interfere with correctly work of the audio and class. In particular extensions, designed to download audio files from social networks such as VKMusic. The same applications can also be installed on your PC separately from browser. You can find and remove them, for this open Control Panel in the Start menu, click Programs and Features, find VKSaver or VKMusic (or similar) in the list and click Remove at the top.
  • In the case of the extensions you need to open a browser extension page, as shown in the image below or copy the link into the address bar: chrome://extensions/


  • Remove from there everything except Google and AdBlock extension (if you have it), as shown in the image below. To remove an extension, you need to click on the urn icon next to it and confirm the removal. If you use some of them, try to disable them during the lesson.

  • After cleaning, the extensions can remain their temporary files that still hamper the correct operation of the browser. To get rid of them, go toClear browsing data page or paste a link to the address bar: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

  • Mark all as in the screenshot below, and be sure to choose a cleaning from "the begining of time", then press the "Clear browsing data".

If the  "Extensions" page does not open:

  • Launch Chrome Tasks manager from the options menu.

In the  Tasks Manager, select all processes, except for "Browser", and end all the processes, tabs work will be stopped, but you can refresh then later, do not panic.

  • Go back to the previous step of instructions the "Extensions" tab will opens.

Now you know how to clear the browser from malware and adware programs, and also from cache and temporary files, this will help you to get rid of most of the problems in it's work. However, you can write to technical support through the "Lifebuoy", which is located in the header next to your profile.

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